Wet-Cast Stone

Wet- cast stone is formed similarly to Dry-cast although the selection of materials may differ; the process involves filling timber or steel moulds with a fluid like mix that is left to set over a 24-hour period. The moulds are stripped the next day to reveal a highly dense and extremely strong, durable product. The castings are typically treated with an etching process to reveal the natural stone appearance.

Wet-cast stone, sometimes known as precast stone, can be made in much larger units than Dry-cast and can incorporate reinforcement steel to an engineer’s design to accommodate structural loadings.

Wet-cast stone is also able to accommodate cast in fixtures and fittings which Dry-cast may struggle to include due to the need for adequate compaction and cover to the reinforcement.

Case Study

See how Wet-cast stone was used in our award-winning project at Titlarks House.

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